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interior design boutique hotel il Salotto di Lavina Italy, before restauration

Palazzo Il Salotto
- A gentle place -


- Welcome to Il Salotto -

Ciao! We are Erna and Dick and we welcome you to our design hotel and boutique getaway Il Salotto di Lavina.


In 2012 we fell in love with this hidden gem; a 300-year-old abandoned olive mill in the green valley of Liguria. Over the last 10 years, we restored it to its original intention: a noble place for living and gathering. We redesigned the ground floor with 3 spacious design suites and created a comfortable living & dining area downstairs to enjoy local food in good company.


With Il Salotto, we welcome you to share the gentle way of living in this Mediterranean valley: close to the Riviera but away from the crowds to live the good life. Stay as our guest and enjoy the refreshing riverside, pick your fruits in the garden, and taste the pure local food from our kitchen. It will give you peace of mind and room for new ideas.


A presto!

Erna & Dick


Enjoy a gentle stay
- Make yourself at home-

This 300-year-old palazzo serves as a house for our guests: comfortable suites come with a grand salon (living room) and outdoor terraces. Here you can feel at home. Take your time for peace of mind, read a book on the sofa, fall asleep under the fruit trees, take a refreshing dive in the fiume, and enjoy the fine food of the Ligurian cucina in our kitchen where we cook as friends. 

Il grande Salotto

- Il dolce far niente - 

From your early espresso to your favorite Italian aperitivo, the Salotto serves as your living room all day long. Whether you want to settle in the library, relax in the garden or wind down all evening on the sofa in front of the fireplace: do it Italian style 'piano piano'.


Here, in the heart of the house, we prepare fresh fruits and eggs for breakfast, a typical Ligurian dinner, or you open the fridge yourself to drink a glass of wine on the terrace overlooking the river. This is your home during your stay!

interior design boutique hotel il Salotto di Lavina Italy, library in the grand salon, pastoe chairs and stonewall ceilings
interior design boutique hotel il Salotto di Lavina Italy, contemplary design, windowbay seating

Suite dreams
- Sogni d'oro -

To ensure you a personal experience, we have kept it small scale with 3 elegant suites giving you aesthetic pleasure as well as modern comfort. Lay down on your CocoMat bed under the stonewall ceilings, and wait for the church bells to wake you. Open the window and enjoy the beauty of the green valley. Go for a bath or take a plunge in the fiume to start your day fresh. Breakfast is waiting for you on the terrace!


La Cucina Ligure
- Stay for dinner: we cook for you as friends -

Life is slow in Lavina, and so is the food. Take your time to enjoy breakfast with Erna's homemade bread en pousse lente. And sit down for a dinner to last all evening with famous local dishes such as stoccafisso or coniglio alla ligure.


We are not a restaurant so we prepare all our meals as friends. If you like, you can join us in our kitchen, or help to pick the ingredients from our vegetable garden.


If you want to join the Sunday lunch at our neighbours from ristorante la Lavinella across the river, we reserve you a table (remember: it will take you all afternoon).


Il Fiume
- You feel like a fish in the river -

As a former mill, our guesthouse has its feet nicely in the water of the Fiume (Italian for river). In summer, we use it as our natural swimming pool. Put on your swimsuit for a refreshing dive or go for a hike upstream towards the Ponte Napoleone, a perfect stop for a picnic.


To relax, you don't have to go far: our gardens and the old vineyard offer plenty of space to slow down. Or step on the pedals and bike through the woods of Rezzo: it is the Alps so you can have spectacular views if you make it to the top. We wait for you with fresh pasta!

A house for 300 years

- Salon living reinvented -

Our Palazzo was originally built by the family Decanis for the production and trading of olive oil. Situated along the salt and olive road between Turin and Imperia, local growers and tradesmen gathered with their families during the harvest season and spent a short stay in the Palazzo.

On the piano nobile, the Grand Salotto (or Salone, both Italian for salon) served as an intimate place for company and pleasure where the family and their guests gathered and exchanged ideas. 

The Salon movement flourished in Italy and France throughout the 17th and 18th century, and currently makes a comeback with modern literary, culinary and philosophy salons.

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