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A gentle stay

- Make yourself at home -

Every suite has plenty of room to relax and offers all the privacy you want. But to feel at home, you want a house. So we created intimate spaces inside and outside to use as you like. 

The grand Salon downstairs is the central place of the house with two fireplaces, a library and a large open kitchen where we serve you late breakfast or a Mediterranean dinner when you come back from a day at the beach. 


And outside you find a patio, two terraces and a large vine and fruit yard that leads to the riverside. 

interior design boutique hotel il Salotto di Lavina Italy, outdoor terras with pergola and pizza oven

Buon appetito

- Fresh ingredients -

Our fruit yard and vegetable garden produce loads of fresh ingredients. Every now and then, our neighbours share their catch of the day with wild boar or chicken. And every week, we drive towards sea for fresh fish.

We are not an official restaurant so we cook as friends. Join us if you like to prepare a famous local Ligurian dishes such as stoccafisso or coniglio alla ligure. Whatever you like, we give it a Mediterranean touch and lots of love.

interior design boutique hotel il Salotto di Lavina Italy, giara di Rezzo, swimming in the lake underneath your room

Il dolce far niente

- Take it slowly and relax -

The house is quietly situated in the valley. You can walk or bike towards Rezzo where the Alps begin or drive to the Riviera if you like the beach. 


But you can also stay in & around the house and relax: the library and patio offer you a quiet space to read a book or your mail, you can enjoy a light lunch on the terrace or lie down in the vineyard and take a refreshing plunge in the natural pool in the river to cool off.

interior design boutique hotel il Salotto di Lavina Italy, giara di Rezzo, view from balcony

Discover Liguria

- Fom Riviera to medieval cities -

Lavina is only 5 minutes from Pieve di Teco, a most charming medieval city dating back to the 13th century. This is the place to be for valley locals, for daily grocery shopping and aperitivos at Bar One. Every Sunday, there is a market with antiques and local produced food.

The valley is full of medieval towns, vineyards and wineries. You arrive at the beaches of Imperia and Albenga within 30 minutes.


We have the Salotto Guide for Gentle Living waiting for you. If you want to know more about Liguria already, check this blog.


Follow the refreshing water of Lavina’s river and within half an hour you arrive at the Mediterranean sea with famous beaches from Sanremo to the Bay of Mermaids.

Riviera Beaches


Walk, hike or bike upstream and arrive at the green meadows: here, the Alps assure you refreshing and stunning views

Ligurian Alps

Cervo copy.jpg

From charming medieval villages like Triora to Hollywood‘s favourite Portofino, the towns here feel like living paintings

Painted cities


The valleys in Liguria and Piemonte produce the smoothest olive oils and finest wines. Here you buy it directly from the local growers.

Slow food & wine

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