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A house for 300 years

- Salon living reinvented -

Il Salotto di Lavina has over 3 centuries of history. Around 1700, Don Antonio Maria Decani, a nobleman, had this palazzo built along the Strada del Sale e Olio between Turin and Genoa. The lower floor served the pressing and trading of olive oil, while the piano nobile above was the private house with a Grand Salotto (salone) for family and guests. 


After being abandoned for most of the 1900’s, we spent 10 years restoring this unique property to its original intention: a home for family and guests, with the salon as central place for the exchange of ideas. Please enjoy the slow life in this beautiful valley, and before you know it might turn out a stay of Enlightenment for you and your companions. 


Il grande Salotto

- Settle down and relax, the living is yours - 

From your early espresso, to your favourite Italian aperitivo, the salotto serves as your living room all day long. Whether you want to settle in the library, relax in the garden or wind down all evening on the sofa in front of the fireplace: do it Italian style piano piano. Here, in the heart of the house, we prepare you fresh fruits and eggs for breakfast, a typical ligurian dinner, or you open the fridge yourself to drink a glass of wine on the terrace overlooking the Giara fiume. This is your home during your stay!


La Cucina Ligure
- Life & food are slow here -

Life is slow in Lavina, and so is the food. Take your time to enjoy breakfast with homemade bread en pousse lente. And sit down for a dinner to last all evening with famous local dishes such as stoccafisso or coniglio alla ligure. For the braves at heart you can master it yourself: we grow most of the ingredients ourselves. Or join the sunday lunch at ristorante Lavinella across the river (it will take you all afternoon).


Il Fiume
- You feel like a fish in the water -

As a former mill, our guesthouse has its feet nicely in the water of the Giara Fiume. In summer, we use it as our natural swimming pool. Put on your swimsuit for a refreshing dive or go for a hike upstream towards the Ponte Napoleone, a perfect stop for a picnic. Or step on the pedals and bike through the Bosco di Rezzo: it is the Alps so you can have spectacular views if you make it to the top. We wait for you with a fresh pasta!

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